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Outdoor Entertaining with a Fire Pit

An Entertainer’s Landscape Creating the ideal outdoor landscape starts with providing family and friends with a place to relax. With a beautiful mountain view during the day and warm nights, who wouldn’t want to unwind around a fire pit? Adding a fire pit to your backyard can create an elegant and cozy upgrade to your home. More than aesthetically pleasing, you can now maintain fire pits without any hassle. Depending on your [...]

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Desert Home Entertaining with a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Maintaining a Wood Fired Pizza Oven The Coachella Valley is known for its cozy weather and entertainment. After the sun sets and the night settles in, you can continue the fun in the comfort of your own backyard, and what better way to enjoy the warm desert nights than with a wood fired pizza oven. Pizza anytime, anywhere, in the luxury of your backyard is amazing! However, with such luxury comes great [...]

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Desert Landscaping Tip: Natural Stone Seating

Creating a Natural Space to Gather Having enough space in the backyard to entertain is a must for many homeowners. Especially when it comes to having enough seats for guests to lounge and gather around. But if you’re tired of replacing outdoor furniture every couple of years, there may be a better way to have enough space to entertain. A unique way to incorporate natural stone into your desert landscape and create [...]

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Top 5 Winter Landscaping Design Trends in Palm Springs

Winter Landscaping in Palm Springs There’s nothing like winter in Palm Springs. Warm weather, cool nights and mostly sunny days are a regular occurrence throughout the winter months. This anything but average idea of winter attributes itself to the ability to enjoy your desert landscape all year long. Which is why it’s not uncommon for many residents to take on winter landscaping projects throughout the Coachella Valley. This year, we’re seeing some [...]

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How to Prepare your Desert Landscape for Rain

Is Your Yard Ready for Rainy Weather? You may be asking yourself, what rain? It seems improbable due to all this warm weather we’re having. But there are high chances for cooler temperatures and the potential for rain as we approach the end of this year. Although, the rain is still on the far-off horizon for Palm Springs residents. To help you prepare your lawn for this inevitable transition, our desert landscape [...]

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Using Decorative Rock Inside

Decorative Rock for your Home Usually when you think of purchasing decorative rock, your mind immediately goes to landscaping and outdoor décor. However, the use of decorative rock inside the home is growing more and more popular. Especially throughout the desert homes of Palm Springs. As the weather begins to cool down this fall, now’s a good time to start planning for a new indoor decoration project for your home. To help [...]

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Pool Landscaping with Natural Rock

Pool Landscaping Ideas Are you ready to turn your basic swimming pool into a stunning water paradise? Once the kids are back in school and the pool loses its number one position as the main backyard attraction, now might be the best time to start remodeling. Taking on a pool landscaping project can be as extravagant or as budget friendly as you like. And incorporating a range of natural rock and building [...]

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Introducing Technisoil Products

Technisoil Now Available at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. Low-maintenance, drought resistant landscaping and hardscapes are made possible through the large supply of Natural stone and building rock available in our rock yard. Homeowners and contractors alike rely on our supply of high-quality building material to create modern landscape designs like no other. Now, with the availability of Technisoil products, you can make sure that the job well done is built to [...]

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Add a Natural Rock Waterfall or Fountain to your Backyard

Enhancing Your Backyard Ambiance Looking for an easy way to bring beauty and tranquility into your backyard? A well-placed natural rock water feature will do just the thing. Without taking up a lot of space. Installing a waterfall or fountain in your backyard adds an added layer of elegance to your landscape while also having a big impact on the feel of the environment. They can be added to any size backyard, [...]

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Desert Landscaping FAQ: What is Palm Springs Gold Rock?

What’s Palm Springs Gold Rock? With the largest selection of natural building stone and boulders in Southern California, our stone experts at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. know what’s what when it comes to boulders and such. Our rock yard offers a wide range of natural stone products including hard to find landscape rock, building stone and landscape boulders. However, one of our most popular products and most frequently asked about stones [...]

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