Is Your Yard Ready for Rainy Weather?

Desert LandscapeYou may be asking yourself, what rain? It seems improbable due to all this warm weather we’re having. But there are high chances for cooler temperatures and the potential for rain as we approach the end of this year. Although, the rain is still on the far-off horizon for Palm Springs residents. To help you prepare your lawn for this inevitable transition, our desert landscape experts have compiled some necessary steps to help you protect your yard and maximize rain water this winter.

Preparing your Desert Landscape for Rain

Seal Concrete Pavers – If you haven’t already, now’s the time to seal any concrete or natural stone designs built into your yard. Sealing your desert landscape can protect from fading, enhance coloring, stabilize interlocking joint sand and aid with stain removal all while protecting your landscape from the rain. Preferably a natural, breathable sealer like Technisoil is best for the job. We offer the best line of sealants from Technisoil at our rock yard that work on all materials from sand to concrete and everything in between.

Assess Garden Drainage – Check that soil slopes away from your home and that water drains easily from patios and decks. Making sure your garden drains properly will help to prevent flooding and can save your desert landscape from becoming seeped in water. Creating a natural flow and runoff for water that accumulates in your yard will allow for the vegetation to receive optimal water without flooding its root system.

Create Cobblestone Pathways – We have a variety of different cobblestones available for your desert landscape in our rock yard. Lay cobble or pebble stone as a pathway through your garden to create a mud-free path. This will create easy access to higher ground to keep you from getting your feet wet. You can also add stones to garden beds to add an extra level of drainage and protect from flooding.

Trim Trees and Shrubs – With the cooler temperatures and the rain usually comes higher winds. Be sure to trim back any large trees and shrubs to protect your home’s surroundings from the wind. Removing any dead or loose limbs will protect your home from potential damage caused by wind. This is especially important for homes surrounded by palm trees. Palm fronds can be dangerous when removed by the wind.

Remember to Turn-Off Irrigation – If you have automated irrigation timers set up, remember to turn them off once the rain starts. The last thing your desert landscape needs is a double dose of water. This can save you from flooding your garden and thus saving your plants. Also, remember to bring in any potted succulents that are in the direct path of rain to avoid pot flooding.

Save Rainwater – With dryness as the norm in Palm Springs, saving water is always beneficial. There’s a variety of ways you can collect and store rainwater that you can use to water your garden throughout Spring. Start by clearing out your gutters and downspouts to ensure optimal drainage. Next, decide how you want to collect rainwater and then wait for the rain.

While we continue to enjoy an extended summer, now’s the time to start preparing both your home, and your desert landscape, for the pending weather change. Don’t wait to prepare your landscape! Stop by our rock yard today.