Technisoil Now Available at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co.

TechnisoilLow-maintenance, drought resistant landscaping and hardscapes are made possible through the large supply of Natural stone and building rock available in our rock yard. Homeowners and contractors alike rely on our supply of high-quality building material to create modern landscape designs like no other. Now, with the availability of Technisoil products, you can make sure that the job well done is built to last.

While the incorporation of natural rock and stone creations minimize irrigation needs, they can increase the need for maintenance when lacking proper fortification. Without proper sealant, fortifier and binding materials, the elements can cause serious damage to xeriscape and hardscape landscapes alike. That’s where Technisoil products help.

Technisoil Products

Create beautiful surfaces, that can withstand the elements without damaging the eco-system. These states of the art surface fortifying materials from Techinisoil are exactly what you need for your next landscaping project.

Nanopave Hardscape Sealer

  • An ultra-high clarity, non-polymer sealer technology
  • Water-based, VOC-free, breathable sealer
  • Applies to interior or exterior hardscape surfaces
  • Protects against: UV degradation, staining, fading and weather damage
  • Available in three different stains: breathable, enhanced and wet look


  • Mixes with dry pebbles, recycled glass or decorative rock
  • Creates a beautiful surface
  • Forges a strong surface with high permeability
  • Water permeable
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant

NanoPave Concreate Sealer

  • Enhances and protects concrete surfaces
  • Water-based, VOC-free
  • Breathable sealer
  • Applies to interior or exterior concrete surfaces
  • Protects against: UV degradation, staining, fading, and weather damage
  • Available in three different sheens: natural, enchanted and wet look

NanoLok 90

  • Non-polymer admixture for cement, mortar, plaster, stucco and tile adhesives
  • Water-based VOC-free formula
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases adhesion
  • Creates water resistance

Fortify your Landscape

Whether you’re installing crushed rock, natural stone panels, veneer, or building stone these products are exactly what you need to fully restore the beauty of your landscape. And for nature lovers, they’re also eco-friendly! Create a natural surface landscape, reduce your carbon foot print and ensure long lasting capabilities with the use of Technisoil products. Contact us today to receive a full list of the products offered at our rock yard.