An Entertainer’s Landscape

fire pit in palm desertCreating the ideal outdoor landscape starts with providing family and friends with a place to relax. With a beautiful mountain view during the day and warm nights, who wouldn’t want to unwind around a fire pit?

Adding a fire pit to your backyard can create an elegant and cozy upgrade to your home. More than aesthetically pleasing, you can now maintain fire pits without any hassle. Depending on your style, you can create the best fire pit to enhance the ambiance of your home. Not sure where to start? We highlighted a couple tips to consider when upgrading.

Fire Pit Tips for Your Desert Home

Add Natural Stone for Sustainability

Recreate a classic campfire look with natural stone for your fire pit. Our rock yard offers Natural Stone Resources, a premier exporter, importer, and distributor of quality natural stones. Among thousands of products from over 15 countries, we carry a selection of tiles, granite, quartzite, and more to help you find the best stone to match your home.

Finish with Fire Glass for a Luxurious Look

Fire glass is tempered glass that is tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and injury. This glass is prepared to tolerate high temperatures without burning or fading. It’s a beautifully safe and unique addition to fire pits. At Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. we work exclusively with Exotic Pebbles & Glass, one of the largest importers of decorative pebbles and crushed glass. At our Rock Yard you’ll find an array of state-of-the-art glass and eco-friendly pebbles for home and commercial projects.

Protect and Sustain with Sealants

It’s extremely important to keep your fire pit clean to maintain its longevity. To prevent potential fires forming outside the fire pit, you can seal the stones with concrete sealer. Our sealent partnership with TechniSoil offers a collection of sealers, like NanoPave Concrete Sealer. This sealer is a color enhancing sealant that is applied to surfaces for a protective treatment.

Fire Pit Materials in Palm Desert

Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. is Coachella Valley’s one-stop shop for all your  materials. We supply the largest selection of building tools and natural stone in every desired shape and size. Have a fire pit be the focal point of your backyard and enjoy the comfortability of your home. Stop by our Rock Yard today to get started.