Maintaining a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

wood fired pizza oven
The Coachella Valley is known for its cozy weather and entertainment. After the sun sets and the night settles in, you can continue the fun in the comfort of your own backyard, and what better way to enjoy the warm desert nights than with a wood fired pizza oven.

Pizza anytime, anywhere, in the luxury of your backyard is amazing! However, with such luxury comes great responsibility. Whether you gather your family for a small dinner or round-up the neighborhood for a large party, knowing how to maintain the cleanliness of your pizza oven is key for its longevity.

Proper Pizza Oven Maintenance

If you operate the oven at temperatures lower than 450 degrees, there will be buildup on the interior walls or ceiling of the oven. If you operate below 525 degrees, there will be buildup on the floor. When this happens, you will need to set up a periodic cleaning of your oven. The cleaning routines will be determined by the amount of buildup. The amount and rate of buildup is determined by the type of wood burned to fuel the oven, operational details (such as, re-heating pizza slices and grease runoff from cheese), and by how long the oven is operated at temperatures low enough to allow buildup to occur.

Here are some quick maintenance tips to help you keep your pizza oven clean:

  • Always make sure oven is cooled off before trying to clean.
  • Invest in a brush scraper, chef’s knife, or pizza peel to scrape debris off the oven surface; but be wary of not digging into surfaces, doing so may damage the oven, and watch your fingers.
  • Use a dustpan and broom to sweep up all the buildup and debris.
  • For grease spills, you can scrape away, but if it isn’t easily removed, use a damp cloth to loosen the debris. You can place cloth on the end of a stick for scraping or cleaning in places of the oven you can’t reach.
  • Maintain cleanliness by brushing the oven bottom and sides on a regular basis.

The Best Ovens in The Desert

With maintenance tips on deck, pick the right oven for your backyard from our vast supply. At Whitewater Rock & Supply Co., we carry a large selection of stones and ovens to meet your backyard design needs. Bring home delectable entertainment and have others talking about your new upgrade while you enjoy some delicious home cooked pizza.  Stop by our Rock Yard today to learn more about pizza oven installation and supplies.