Creating a Natural Space to Gather

natural stone seatingHaving enough space in the backyard to entertain is a must for many homeowners. Especially when it comes to having enough seats for guests to lounge and gather around. But if you’re tired of replacing outdoor furniture every couple of years, there may be a better way to have enough space to entertain. A unique way to incorporate natural stone into your desert landscape and create the perfect space to entertain is through the installation of natural stone seating. As a special desert landscaping tip, our rock experts have put together some ideas on how you can incorporate natural stone seating into your backyard.

Adding Natural Stone Seating to your Backyard

Whether you’re creating a space around the table, seats around the fire pit or a serene place to kick back and read a book, the type of seating you provide says it all. Adding natural stone seating to your backyard or garden landscape is a natural and cost-effective way to adding ample seating that’s also sustainable. Plastic and metal furniture, while equally affordable doesn’t last nearly as long. The harsh desert summers can be hard on outdoor furniture, which means you’ll be replacing or repainting it every few years.

Natural stone seating is a durable alternative that will create a unique setting for your backyard that allows you to immerse yourself and your guests into a rustic desert landscape. Additionally, natural stone seating can be created and incorporated within your desert landscape in a variety of ways.

Create stand-alone benches that can be used as seating around an all-natural stone table. Or as garden benches for a more secluded and tranquil setting. One of the more common incorporations of natural stone seating in desert homes is around a natural-stone fire pit. With whether permitting for year-round enjoyment, it’s not uncommon for a desert home to feature a relaxing backyard fire pit or outdoor fire place. By adding wrap-around bench seating with natural stone and rock, you can enhance the ambiance of your fire pit while also ensuring guests plenty of seats around the open fire.

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