What’s Palm Springs Gold Rock?

Palm Springs Gold RockWith the largest selection of natural building stone and boulders in Southern California, our stone experts at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. know what’s what when it comes to boulders and such. Our rock yard offers a wide range of natural stone products including hard to find landscape rock, building stone and landscape boulders. However, one of our most popular products and most frequently asked about stones is Palm Springs Gold Rock.

This popular quartzite landscaping rock can only be found in the hills of Palm Springs, California. Known for its golden color and a distinctive sparkle complemented by dusty pink and green tones, this golden rock is one-of-a-kind. Created in a desert landscape, the Palm Springs Gold Rock may appear to blend in to some, but to others it glows. Its color truly depends on the size of the rock, as larger boulders tend to radiate golden while crushed rock has a lighter mixture of golden yellow and pink tones.

Types of Palm Springs Gold Rock

If you’re looking for this type of rock, you’ve struck gold. Here at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. we stock every size and shape of Palm Springs Gold you could imagine from crushed rock to thin veneer. Our product list below is always available in our rock yard:

No matter where you live, you can easily bring gold from the Palm Spring desert to your landscape. Perfect for creating a statement piece with boulders, building a backyard waterfall, lining a garden bed or creating a pathway. With all different sizes and shapes the possibilities to decorate with Palm Springs Gold Rock are endless.

Made and Sold in Palm Springs, CA

For more than 50 years, Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. has provided Southern California with some of the best natural building stones and boulders available. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service, from the selection to the delivery of our natural stone products. Our company was founded on Palm Springs Gold Rock, and our inventory has been growing ever since. Stop by our rock yard today to experience our vast natural stone inventory for yourself.