Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool landscaping

Are you ready to turn your basic swimming pool into a stunning water paradise? Once the kids are back in school and the pool loses its number one position as the main backyard attraction, now might be the best time to start remodeling. Taking on a pool landscaping project can be as extravagant or as budget friendly as you like. And incorporating a range of natural rock and building stone products from our vast rock yard can make this project even easier. To help you conceptualize, here are some ways you can use some of our natural rock products for your pool landscaping renovation.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Re-Surface – Re-define your backyard with an all new surface. Say goodbye to an all-grass look or a classic cement style. Incorporate natural stone veneer, quartzite, pavers or other types of stone into the surface of your backyard for a unique look and feel. Add a Techinoil sealer to the top for protection and your new landscape looks great and will last.

Bolder Border – Design a new frame for your pool and give it a bolder border that pops. Using natural boulders, rocks and pebbles, you can create a new surrounding from the inside out. Adding a new top tier to your pool’s design can totally transform the vibe inside the swimming pool as well as the overall feel of your yard. For instance, river stone accompanied with aquatic vegetation can make you feel like you’re swimming in a pond. While natural stones and pebbles accompanied by palm trees can create a tropical oasis.

Add texture – If re-surfacing seems too expensive, you could always create texture with added rock and stone slabs as decorative elements instead. Adding a mixture of rocks, stone slabs and potted plants as a type of ground cover can create an interesting and eye catching new look.

Getting Started

Start by deciding on the style and design of the specific vibe you’re looking for. Will your pool be more tropical, contemporary or bright? Once you’ve decided, stop by our rock yard to speak to some of our design professionals and discuss which types of building stone will help you accomplish your look. We’ll provide you with a range of options to fit your budget, and help you to decide which size and type works best for your job. Are you ready to start planning? Bring in your pool landscaping design inspiration and let’s get started!