Enhancing Your Backyard Ambiance

natural rock fountain Looking for an easy way to bring beauty and tranquility into your backyard? A well-placed natural rock water feature will do just the thing. Without taking up a lot of space. Installing a waterfall or fountain in your backyard adds an added layer of elegance to your landscape while also having a big impact on the feel of the environment. They can be added to any size backyard, and make for an engaging focal point no matter where they are. Even a small fountain made of natural rock can accomplish the same soothing effect. The best part? You can get most of the supplies you need from Whitewater Rock & Supply Co.

Build a Natural Rock Waterfall

If you’re thinking about adding a natural rock waterfall to your backyard here’s what you’ll need from White Water Rock & Supply Co.:

  • Rubble and Boulders – The accent pieces and landscaping portion of the project. The size of these and color will depend on the size of your fountain and desired look.
  • Quartzite – This will be the main part of the natural rock waterfall that the water will flow off as it cascades down into the reservoir.
  • Sand – Helps to create adjustable flooring for your pond liner and will help the pond liner sit level in the hole you’ll dig for the waterfall.
  • Pond Liner – This will be used to protect the ground underneath the area where the fountain is being built. It also helps to promote the constant movement of water throughout your waterfall and back into the water reservoir.
  • Water Pump – The motor of your waterfall. This part is what keeps the water circulating and flowing throughout the system.

Other materials that will be needed to complete the construction of your natural rock waterfall include: tubing, a shovel, a level, and a 3-gallon bucket. Once you have your materials, you’re ready to begin building. For a full step by step tutorial to accomplish this DIY look, click here.

Install a Natural Rock Fountain

If you’re looking for an easier alternative to building and installing your own natural rock waterfall there is another solution. Another way you can add the sound of flowing water to your backyard is through the installation of a natural rock fountain. We have fountains of all different shapes and sizes available in our rock yard. Our landscaping professionals can explain the installation process to have your tranquil fountain scene up and running in no time. Stop by our rock yard in Palm Desert to see the largest variety of natural building stones and outdoor landscaping materials in Southern California.