natural stone bbqSummertime tends to inspire thoughts of relaxing by the pool and enjoying a backyard barbecue. Did you know that Whitewater Rock & Supply can help you upgrade your grilling experience? We work with contractors, landscapers, homeowners, and other industry professionals to design a natural stone BBQ that enhance the appeal of your outdoor living space.

Built In Grills

An outdoor kitchen extends the living space of your home and creates a very inviting backyard for relaxing and entertaining. The grill is one of the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen and everything else should be planned from there. The sky is the limit on design and budget, from a full covered kitchen area with all the accessories or just a nice long counter. You may do without an outdoor fridge or sink, but the grill is the centerpiece. Although you could just opt for stucco, adding natural stone to your BBQ increases the style and appeal. At Whitewater Rock & Supply, we have a vast range of natural stone choices. With the variety of colors and textures, you are sure to find a stone that complements your home architecture and style.

Gas, Charcoal or Wood

As you plan your BBQ, you’ll have to choose which fuel you prefer for your grill. For a fully built in outdoor kitchen, most likely you will have a gas grill, and some people include a stone wood fire oven for pizza or other special dishes. There is heavy debate over which grilling fuel is best, which basically centers on taste.

  • Charcoal: Some people prefer the rustic flavor of meat cooked over charcoal, however, keep in mind that all briquettes are not created the same and are made with a variety of material.
  • Wood: Others contend that different woods add the best flavor with hickory, mesquite, and fruitwoods being favorites. We won’t get started with the debate over chips, chunks or logs!
  • Gas: Gas is obviously the most convenient choice as lighting is quick and easy and it leaves the least clean up, but doesn’t add unique flavor.

If you are considering upgrading your backyard appeal, come visit our rock yard at Whitewater Rock & Supply, to see all of our options for natural stone BBQs. You may be surprised to find that in addition to largest selection of natural building stone and boulders in Southern California, we also carry a variety of other stone products to enhance your outdoor space including tables and benches, birdbaths, fountains, outdoor pots, fireplaces, fire pits, pond kits and so much more. As you imagine all the ways you can upgrade your backyard, that’s sure to get you cooking!