desert landscaping

Creating a landscape that compliments both the front and backyard can sometimes be a challenge for desert dwellers. Many believe that the term desert garden is an oxymoron. But with so many different types of landscaping styles and elements available, the possibilities for creating a beautiful desert landscape are really endless. So, don’t be discouraged with your desert lawn. Our Palm Desert landscapers are here to help.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that some landscaping styles are more popular among Palm Desert homeowners than others. We’ve compiled some of the most popular trends in desert landscaping to help provide you with some inspiration. Whether you’re looking to re-landscape your front yard, your backyard or both, we hope these popular elements can help.

Landscaping Elements

Drought Resistant Plants

These are a must have item for any desert lawn. Extreme temperatures are some plants worse nightmare and others’ best friend. Find the latter. This includes plants such as lavender, salvia, coneflower and catmint. It also includes drought resistant ornamental grasses and drought resistant trees for shade. Using a mix of these elements will add both color and texture to the area you’re landscaping.

Natural Stone

Natural stones and natural stone pavers are an easy way to cover the ground without losing any style and keeps some texture in the area. Many Palm Desert homeowners love this landscaping style. Usually, natural stone pavers are used for creating walkways to lead to a specific area or as boundary markers to separate one area from another. The Palm Springs Gold is also a popular choice.

Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits are a fun way to create some ambiance in the backyard. They also create a focal point for your yard and make for a great reason to host guests all year long. Creating a seating area around the fire pit is also another way to add more design elements to the yard. You can decorate the area with chairs, potted plants, lanterns and even side tables for you and your guests to enjoy.

Crushed Rock and Sand

Many Palm Desert homeowners stray away from traditional grass yards and gardens, but that doesn’t mean that they leave the ground bare. Instead, they cover the ground of planters with variations of stones, crushed rock and sand to complement their plants. This not only completes the desert look but it creates an interesting texture and can be used to enhance colors of the foliage in which the rock surrounds.


 Who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ? With the right shaded area and some good company, a BBQ can bring any backyard to life. Complimenting an outdoor eating area with something to cook on is the easiest way to spruce up your desert home. Enjoy your evenings outside around the dinner table with a barbequed meal that the whole family can enjoy.

Re-Decorate with Whitewater Rock & Supply Co.

At Whitewater Rock & Supply Co., we have one of the biggest rock yards and access to any type of landscaping tool you may need to make your dream landscape a reality. Along with rock, we also stock other landscaping elements such as BBQs, backyard fire pits, statuary, decorative pots, fountains and even brick pizza ovens.

Come by and start working with one of our landscapers today to get started on your next landscaping project. No landscaping styles are too wild for our rock yard!