The Palm Springs area is known for our perfect weather and we all love to entertain outdoors. And, if you’re getting a little tired of grilling, another great idea is an outdoor stone pizza oven. At Whitewater Rock & Supply, we have a huge selection of natural stone products to enhance your yard, including an array of stone, wood fired pizza ovens. Your friends will be surprised and delighted to enjoy truly fresh pizza at your house. Add to the fun – everyone can make their own!

Lots of people have a grill in their backyard, but if you’re looking for something different for outdoor cooking or really want to make your yard unique, an outdoor stone pizza oven is a great choice. You don’t have to be a great chef to make a great pizza and it’s easy and fun to get the kids or guests involved.

Whether you like to make your own dough and sauce or just get some premade ingredients at the store, everyone can easily customize their own pizza with the toppings they love. Put out a table with lots of fresh choices, such as these favorites: pepperoni, sausage, chopped green peppers, fresh tomatoes, sliced or chopped onions, garlic, and mushrooms. And don’t forget the mozzarella cheese! You can even make your pizzas a bit more “gourmet” with some of these toppings: artichoke hearts, roasted squash, asparagus, barbecue chicken, goat cheese…whatever you love!

There are lots of benefits to cooking pizza in a stone pizza oven. Many people think the number one benefit is that it just tastes better. Some say it helps retain nutrients in the ingredients, and in some cases it will save energy as well since you aren’t using gas or electricity. Often, pizza cooks faster in a wood fired pizza oven, as the temperature can get hotter than a traditional oven (and it won’t heat up your house during the warm months). A stone pizza oven can be wonderful for cooking other foods as well. Experiment with vegetables, breads and roasted meats.

If you are looking to enhance your outdoor entertaining, a stone pizza oven is a great addition. Visit our rock yard at Whitewater Rock & Supply and we can help you find the best wood fired pizza oven for your backyard. We work with homeowners, landscapers, contractors and other industry professionals and we deliver from Coachella to Palm Springs and beyond. Start planning your pizza party now.