use natural stoneWhether you are remodeling your home or planning new construction, removing turf or starting a complete landscape renovation, incorporating natural stone provides a timeless design with many additional benefits. At Whitewater Rock & Supply, we offer the largest selection of natural building stone and boulders in Southern California as well as many natural stone leisure items for your home and outdoor living space.

What is Natural Stone
Natural stone is a popular building material that has stood the test of time. It’s a practical and plentiful yet still offers a distinctive beauty and elegance to a project. Natural rock is known by many types and names including marble, travertine, sandstone, granite, onyx, flagstone, limestone and quartzite. There are specific types, colors and sizes that provide additional names including Palm Springs Gold, Desert Brown Cobble, Imperial Del Rio, Sonora Shiners and many more.

Unique and Varied
Natural stone offers a myriad of varied colors, designs and textures. From white to beiges to golds to reds to browns and even grey blues, the colors seem endless. Fabricated stone panels or pavers are generally made from a mold that creates patterns that are often easily noticed. Visit our rock yard at Whitewater Rock & Supply to see the vast array of choices.

Durable and Weatherproof
Few materials are more solid and durable than natural rock. Whether used as decorative exterior paneling or part of your landscaping hardscape, natural stone will not lose its color or texture, even in extreme weather. It’s strong enough to resist the trauma of bicycles, golf clubs and landscaping equipment. As part of an interior design, natural stone can hold up to anything your kid or dog might inflict upon it as well.

Nothing is more earth-friendly that than natural stone which is non-toxic and uses no chemicals for fabrication. It lasts forever and should never need to be replaced because of wear and tear. It contains no pollutants, is not combustible and can be used safely near food areas.

Easy to Install
Natural rock can often be installed on top of a variety of materials including stucco, wood, brick and more. This makes it especially versatile for design both inside and outside your home.

So Many Natural Stone Uses
There are so many ways to incorporate natural stone into your design plans to upgrade your home or yard including drought resistant landscaping, fireplaces, fire pits and BBQs, pavers for your deck or pool, convenient decorative stone panels, stone pizza ovens, planters and pots, and so much more. Just a stroll through our rock yard or online gallery will inspire you with many ideas.

At Whitewater Rock & Supply, we work with homeowners, architects, contractors, landscapers, interior designers and other industry professionals to provide the best selection of natural stone building products. We deliver throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond and look forward to working with you.