Did you adopt the phrase “Gold is the new green,” for the summer, meaning you just let your lawn die to avoid water penalties or any major landscaping changes? That may have been a successful strategy for the summer, when it was generally too hot to be outdoors anyway. But now, the temperatures are dropping. This is why we live in the desert. Now is the time to rethink your yard so you can enjoy it for the winter.

Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. offers a vast selection of rock supply: decorative rocks, stones, pavers, gravel, decomposed granite, and so much more that can transform your brown grass into an aesthetically pleasing desertscape. Here are a few easy tips to create new areas to relax and enjoy.

Create More Patio Space with Pebbles and Pavers
Concrete can be expensive and generally requires professional installation, but you actually can create a more appealing patio with rocks and pavers. This is a relatively simple DIY project or you can have someone else do it for you. Then place a few bright clay pots in the corner with easy-to-care-for, drought-resistant plants, add some comfortable furniture, a few colorful outdoor pillows and it’s a great place to relax and entertain.

Paving Pebble Patio in rows

Pathways Can Be Inviting
Add color and interest with pathways made with contrasting rocks and stones. Whether you prefer a modern, straight design or a winding, whimsical flow, a stone and pebble pathway can replace a large area that previously had grass or other plants.


Finish Planters with Rock Groundcover
Covering soil with rocks or gravel is not only an attractive finish, but it also saves water. Replace extra thirsty plants with native desert options, available in lush greens and flowering varieties as well. Then, cover visible soil with pebbles or gravel. This keeps the soil protected, helping to retain the moisture. Whitewater Rock & Supply Co offers a wide range of colors and textures from angular whites and blacks to smooth grey river rocks that can add additional visual interest. Visit our rock yard to see more.

Landscape design idea

Whatever rock and stone additions you may be imagining for your yard, Whitewater Rock & Supply can help you achieve the changes you want. We work with homeowners, contractors, landscaper designers, and gardeners to help create unique outdoor transformations with our vast range of rock supply. We deliver throughout Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley, and beyond and look forward to helping you with your stone building product choices.