It’s well known that California is experiencing one of the worst droughts ever, and many cities are enacting restrictions on water use. In our area, it’s estimated that about 60% of the water used is for outdoor use, and of that, about 50% is wasted in run off and evaporation. Luckily, you can design a beautiful yard with drought resistant landscaping and decorative rocks and stone. Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. offers a vast selection in our rock yard and experienced staff to help you with decorative rock options.

Work with your gardener or a local nursery to choose appropriate drought resistant plants. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens has the Palo Verde Garden Center, which sells one of the most complete collections of Southwest native, and desert adapted plants in the region. Also, be sure to convert your irrigation system to drips or completely remove sprinklers where you no longer need them.

Replacing Lawns: Just because your yard may not be allover green doesn’t mean it can’t look lush and inviting. A mix of bushy grasses, year-round flowering plants, and interesting succulents combined with a variety of colorful gravel and crushed rocks and sand can create a very appealing landscape. Creating winding stone paths and clusters of boulders adds depth and interest.

Highlighting Flower Beds: Adding decorative rock or stones to planting beds often creates a more unique and finished look. Whether you choose a variety of large, full plants and bushes or the clean lines of cacti and aloe, Whitewater Rock & Supply has choices to complete the look.

Designing a Seating Area: With gravel or large flat stones, you can create a more appealing patio without the expense and hassle of pouring concrete. And, at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co., we also carry stone benches and table sets, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and many more decorative stone items that will create an inviting setting for relaxing with friends and family.

With an assortment of native plants and colorful rocks and pebbles, it’s actually quite easy to create lush and inviting drought resistant landscaping. Come visit our rock yard at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. to see our vast choices of decorative rock, outdoor stone leisure accessories, and more. We work with contractors, landscapers, and homeowners to create unique and beautiful yards throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond.