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Palm Springs Landscaping Styles

With continued water-savings measures in full force in our desert, incorporating drought resistant landscaping is still one of the biggest changes you can make toward saving water and money on your water bill. Removing turf, however, doesn’t have to mean a stark sand landscape. There are a variety of drought resistant landscaping styles, also known as xeriscape, to inspire you to transform your yard into a water-conscious space. Whitewater Rock & Supply has many of the stone elements you need to complete these landscape designs.

Classic Xeriscape

In this landscape style, you maintain some turf, while widening planting beds to add more drought-tolerant foliage. This keeps your general landscape design as similar as possible to the pre-xeriscape appearance. Plant beds can look more “finished” with a layer of decorative river rock, gravel or decomposed granite, all available at Whitewater Rock & Supply.

Cottage Garden Xeriscape

In a cottage garden style, the major plantings are bushes and flowers. There are many of these types of drought tolerant choices that do well in our desert, including lantana, desert lavender, and bushy desert grasses. The more closely planted together, the more you achieve that “cottage feel,” even in the desert. Add a bench or bistro table and chairs to complete the style.

Classic Desert Landscape

Seen often throughout the Coachella Valley, in this style all regular turf is completely removed and replaced with a variety of cacti and succulents, desert grasses and flowering bushes, decorative rocks, boulders, and other landscaping elements, planted in groupings throughout the space. Riverbed “scenes” are often included and blue glass rock is even used to simulate water. Plant bed borders are achieved with medium sized rocks and pathways are often flagstones on top of gravel.

Modern Desert Landscape

Clean, straight lines and repetitive plantings are the hallmark of this Palm Springs landscaping style. Minimalist plantings are also common with geometric shapes of plant beds emphasized with the use of different colors of rock or landscape sand for adjacent areas. Large boulders may be a focal point as well.

Whatever style you prefer, Whitewater Rock & Supply has many of the supplies you need from decorative rocks and boulders to landscape sand and gravel to flagstones and more. Check out our rock yard to see our vast selection of xeriscape landscaping elements. We work with landscapers, contractors and directly with homeowners. Delivery throughout the Coachella Valley is available as well.