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How to Use Rocks to Create Outdoor Ambiance and Extend the Outdoor Season

As the weather gets cooler in the Coachella Valley and the days are shorter, true desert dwellers tend to come inside earlier.   But with a few additions to your outdoor space, you can warm up the area and make it comfortable and inviting – extending the outdoor season. Using decorative rocks and stones can easily add value and ambiance to your backyard. The experts at Whitewater Rock & Supply Company have an the largest variety of natural building stone products and large boulders in Southern California and offer the following tips to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Create a patio – even if you don’t have a designated patio area, you don’t need to go to the extreme time and expense of pouring concrete. Using flat stones and sand or gravel is more economical, can be done in less time (no wait for drying), and is also more attractive. Visit Whitewater Rock & Supply to see all the possibilities in rock materials to complete this project.

Offer Comfort – an important part of designing an inviting space is to create a comfortable feel. Deep cushions or an assortment of throw pillows can transform any outdoor furniture into an extension of your living room. An outdoor area rug can also create a softer look and balance against the stone patio floor.

Add a fire pit – friends sitting around a fire pit is a very inviting image and creating a fire pit doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job. You need a clear space, free from grass and nearby brush or plants. Use some midsize rocks to build a circular pit with walls about two feet high. Rocks with flat sides will stack more easily. Fill the bottom with sand or gravel and then your wood goes on top. The professionals at Whitewater Rock & Supply can give you additional tips to be sure that it is safe. We also offer a variety of outdoor fire pit kits and accessories.

Light up focal points – adding decorative lighting will also add a warm ambiance. Place brighter lights on focal points such as decorative boulders, and string lights through trees or awnings to create a more intimate setting.

Just a few additions to your backyard or courtyard can help to create an inviting, comfortable outdoor living space for you and your guests. Visit the rock yard at Whitewater Rock & Supply Company to see the extensive array of rocks and stones to upgrade your outdoor lifestyle. The range of colors and sizes will amaze you, and we deliver to Palm Springs, the entire Coachella Valley, and more. So, visit the experts at Whitewater Rock & Supply Company, and we can help you choose the ideal decorative and functional rock supply to create the perfect outdoor living space for you.