Southwestern StyleConsider bringing some southwestern style to your home this year with a south of the border remodel.

Since the Spanish were the first contemporary Europeans to settle in the American Southwest, the traditional Spanish style still has a huge influence on homes in the desert regions to this day. Despite all the modern architectural elements available to home designers and landscapers, traditional Spanish style adobe homes are still popping up throughout the Palm Desert area and beyond.

Why? Because this unique style takes multiple cultures throughout different periods of time and molds them into an effortless look that brings the “Wild West” into your home. Simply put, if you were to ask our Palm Desert interior designers, they’d tell you that a southwestern styled desert home will never go out of style!

The overall versatility of this style makes achieving this look as spectacular or as effortless as you want. It’s easily translatable into modern homes and contemporary designs that still work today. Moreover, the southwestern style can be characterized by the following elements:

  • Earthy Colors: Use the desert as your color palate for inspiration. Infuse your home with rustic oranges, adobe reds, cactus greens and bursts of yellow to bring the warmth of the outdoors to the inside of your home.
  • Rough Textures: Creating the rugged yet cozy look of the Southwest can be accomplished by using several different materials. Some of the most commonly used textiles are woven fabrics, distressed leathers, and animal hides.
  • Colorful Tiles: Practical, yet fun clay tiles can be used as flooring, trim or to accent walls in the kitchen or bathroom. You’ll find these along the walls of many Spanish-inspired home and in the showroom at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co.
  • Artesian Accents: The use of handmade artesian accents such as Talavera pottery, hand painted ceramic pieces and wrought iron accessories will complete the look and feel of any room in the house. You could even take the décor outside with these same materials to create a cohesive look throughout.

Designer tip: Don’t overdo it! The abundance of elements and patterns that make up this style can be overwhelming when used all together. The key is choosing which elements work well to complement one another to create the warmth and energy of the southwest without the illusion of clutter.

To get more desert inspired, southwestern styled landscaping and interior design inspiration head over to Whitewater Rock & Supply Co. in Palm Springs. Our expert landscapers and designers will help you transform your desert home in no time!