As the drought persists and temperatures are record high, we are thrilled to see that many of our customers are transforming their yards into a new kind of retreat with drought resistant plants and decorative rocks. Just because your yard may not be covered in grass, doesn’t mean it can’t be still be interesting and appealing. At Whitewater Rock & Supply Co., we offer an extensive array of colors and sizes of decorative rock, from pebbles to boulders, round, jagged and flat. As you plan your drought resistant landscape, here are some top picks:

Dramatic Colors and Contrast:
This shiny black obsidian is a definite favorite for drama and contrast. We just received this as part of a new shipment from our Baja Mexico supplier, as well as some Baja Onyz and Baja Basalt. A combination of sizes and colors of rocks in your yard can have a striking effect. You can place a few boulders in prime locations as a focal point or for a modern, artistic design, create “rock beds” and use different colored stones in beds next to each other to highlight the contrast.

Baja Onyx Black Obsidian

Exclusive Stock:
At Whitewater Rock, we offer stones and rocks that you won’t find anywhere else. Some favorites include: Palm Springs Gold Thin veneer, Yosemite Tan Cobble Thin veneer, and Whitewater River rock thin veneer. We have these specially cut, just for us.

ps gold TV 1

Reasonably Priced
Did you know that most of the thin veneer rocks that we stock are about the same price as fake stone? So for about the same cost, you could create a beautiful stone path through your backyard or a small retaining wall to create a perfect bed for some desert plants.

rock wall

Whatever your rock and stone supply needs are, we probably stock it at Whitewater Rock & Supply Co., and if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you. We work with landscapers, contractors and private homeowners to provide all the rock hardscape you need to transform your outdoor living space into a spectacular drought resistant desert scene. We can help you pick from our extensive rock yard, and we deliver to all areas of the Coachella Valley and beyond.